MARYLING Art Print Versatile Chiffon Silk Scarf


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1. Traditional craftsmanship inheritance
Adhere to the traditional manual tabletop printing technology, followed by color separation, plate making, printing and dyeing
Every step is strictly checked by experienced craftsmen to ensure that the finished product is saturated in color and delicate in pattern, just like a delicate work of art
2. Craftsmanship is just right
We choose more ingenious hand-rolling, each finished product requires at least hundreds of stitches, just to present a better texture
3. Environmentally friendly dyes
Using environmentally friendly dyes, the printing is gorgeous and lasting, without affecting the touch of the silk scarf itself, even if washed many times, it is still bright as new

Composition: 100% polyester fiber


¡¾The print and color style of silk scarves are shipped randomly?€?/em>