MARYLING Pink Leather Shoes


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Simple shoe design, practical and easy to wear, easy to create comfortable, casual, romantic French style.

True to size, choose your normal size

Surface material: cow leather
Second material: fabric

Washing method
1. Regularly wipe the handbag with the skin cream of the same colour system to keep the leather material bright and moist, but avoid the use of liquid skin oil.
2. Avoid applying the skin cream directly on the leather surface when giving the handbag epithelial cream. First apply it on the fluff or soft hair, and then wipe the leather surface.
3. Always keep the handbag dry, and store it in a ventilated place. Some handbags that are susceptible to moisture can be stored with a little moisture-proof beads in the bag.
4. If the handbag is wet, use a dry cloth to absorb the moisture on the handbag, and then put it in a cool place to let the handbag dry naturally. Never put the wet handbag directly into the sun or blow it with an air duct, nor put it next to the air conditioner, otherwise the leather material will burst.
5. When cleaning handbags, do not wash with water or contact with chemical solvents.


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